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Definition Of Total Quality Management - 750 Words

Quality Glossary Definition: TQM A core definition of total quality management (TQM) describes a management approach to long–term success through customer satisfaction. In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work. ________________________________________ Total Quality Management TQM, also known as total productive maintenance, describes a management approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction. In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work. Total Quality Management Principles: The 8 Primary Elements of TQM Total quality management can be†¦show more content†¦The steps required to carry out the process are defined, and performance measures are continuously monitored in order to detect unexpected variation. 4. Integrated system Although an organization may consist of many different functional specialties often organized into vertically structured departments, it is the horizontal processes interconnecting these functions that are the focus of TQM. †¢ Micro-processes add up to larger processes, and all processes aggregate into the business processes required for defining and implementing strategy. Everyone must understand the vision, mission, and guiding principles as well as the quality policies, objectives, and critical processes of the organization. Business performance must be monitored and communicated continuously. †¢ An integrated business system may be modeled after the Baldrige National Quality Program criteria and/or incorporate the ISO 9000 standards. Every organization has a unique work culture, and it is virtually impossible to achieve excellence in its products and services unless a good quality culture has been fostered. Thus, an integrated system connects business improvement elements in an attempt to continually improve and exceed the expectations of customers, employees, and other stakeholders. 5. Strategic and systematic approach A critical part of the management of quality is the strategic and systematic approach toShow MoreRelatedDefinition Of Total Quality Management1798 Words   |  8 PagesAssignment On Total Quality Management Submitted by Dated â€Æ' Contents Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 4 What Is Total Quality Management 4 Definitions of TQM 5 The Concept of Continuous Improvement by TQM 7 Total Quality Management Principles 8 1. Customer focus 8 2. Employee skills development 9 3. Operations improvement 9 4. Integrated system 9 5. Strategic Approach 10 6. Constant change 10 7. Strengthen leadership 10 8. Effectiveness in communication 11 Implementation of TQM 11 Executives’ responsibility:Read MoreDefinition Of Total Quality Management1555 Words   |  7 defines Total Quality Management (TQM) as a holistic approach to long-term success that views continuous improvement in all aspects of an organization as a process and not as a short-term goal. It aims to radically transform the organization through progressive changes in the attitudes, practices, structures, and systems. Total quality management transcends the product quality approach, involves everyone in the organization, and encompasses its every function: administrationRead MoreDefinition Of Total Quality Management1946 Words   |  8 Pages Total Quality Management is the concept of processes and integration all of functions in an organization in order that to focus on quality control and approach to long-term success will continue improvement in all aspects but not short- term goal. TQM of business plan began in 1980 in the United States. It was popular until early 1990. Nowadays, in the small business to large business, including restaurant and fast food businesses that used system quality standards to manage the organization becauseRead MoreHe Reward and Recognition Process in Total Quality Management1651 Words   |  7 Pages( RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND CONTRACTORS COMPETITIVENESS 1 Faihan Alotaibi, 1Rushami Zien Yusoff and 2Rabiul Islam School of Business Management, School of Economics, Finance and Banking, College of Business, University Utara Malaysia, 06010, Kedah, Malaysia 2 1 Received 2013-04-05, Revised 2013-04-15; Accepted 2013-04-17 ABSTRACT Total quality management is basically about continuous organizational success throughRead MoreDefine Total Quality Management1206 Words   |  5 PagesDefine Total Quality Management University of Phoenix Quality Management and Productivity MGT/449 May 6, 2006 Israr Hayath Total Quality Management Producing a quality product, whether a tangible item or a service, is the goal of all organizations, how this goal is achieved will be the challenge. Quality of the end product has been an obstacle in America for decades. In the post World War II era as production of products in America rose, the quality of those products diminished. AtRead MoreTotal Quality Management Paper1024 Words   |  5 PagesTotal Quality Management Paper Producing a quality product, whether a tangible item or a service, is the goal of all organizations, how this goal is achieved will be the challenge. Quality of the end product has been an obstacle in America for decades. In the post World War II era as production of products in America rose, the quality of those products diminished. At the same time other countries such as Japan were not experiencing the same quality issues. The secret to successful quality controlRead MoreAn Introduction to Total Quality Management1250 Words   |  5 PagesExpress’ is synonymous with quality. It is recognized that the Federal Express Company a world leader in transportation area and information field. Federal Express can deliver packages overnight to almost anywhere in the world. Simultaneously, people can track packages at any time so that they can know where their goods are. (Neff Citrin, 2001) As the good quality and services Federal Express provided, people like it, trust it and make it universally. Thus, a distinctive quality is vital to every organizationRead MoreTotal Quality Management Essay823 Words   |  4 PagesTotal Quality Management Paper This paper is about Total Quality Management (TQM). There are several parts to this paper that will now be outlined. First, Total Quality Management will be defined. Second, a description of the impact of globalization on quality will be discussed. Third, traditional management styles will be compared and contrasted with management styles focused on quality. Fourth, an explanation of how TQM should apply to my organization will be discussed. TQM Defined: Read MoreTqm Toyota1189 Words   |  5 PagesTotal  quality  management  is â€Å"a  management  approach of an organization, centered on  quality, based on the participation of all of its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction, and benefits to all members of the organization and too society† (Wikipedia). This is the definition of  total  quality  management  as given by the International Standards Organization, and while the definition provides a vague notion of what  total  quality  management  is, it fails to provide any realRead MoreEssay about Khalideoq823 Words   |  4 Pages3111,111.11 EOQ = 1,763.83 or 1764 units TC (total cost) at the EOQ Total cost (annual) = ordering cost + carrying (holding cost) (Render et al, 2003). Annual Ordering cost: = (Annual demand/ number of units in each order) (ordering cost per order) = (400,000/1764) ($28) = $6349.21 Annual carrying cost: = (Average inventory) (carrying cost per unit per year) Average inventory: = EOQ/2 = 1764/2 = 882 Annual carrying cost = (882) ($7.20) = $6350.40 Total cost at EOQ = $6349.21 + $6350.40 = $12,699.61

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Describing a Place I Know - 887 Words

Since I am suppose to write about a place I know, I have decided to write about my aunt Hollys farm. I will explain why I go there, what I like to do there, and why I feel most connected to her farm. I will describe different areas on her twenty-two acre farm as well as her house. I will also explain the importance of the farm, well why it is important to me. Aunt Hollys farm is the place that we almost always go to for holidays. Or just as a place we go to to get away and spend time with family. For me its like another home. Growing up aunt Holly and her husband uncle Tim were like second parents. My aunt Holly is my moms older sister. So I spent quit a bit of my summers there along with weekends. Sometimes I even lived with them, sometimes with my mom and brothers other times when my mom could not handle me. Her farm is special to me because growing up it was a safe place. It was the place I could go to too discover new things. Many times my cousin Amanda and I would go down to the creek and play with the tadpoles. We got in trouble for bringing them in the house, my aunt didnt want anything from the creek in the house. My uncle said that we were just being kids. One time he bet me and Amanda five dollars each that we wouldnt kiss a frog. So we went down to the creek and caught two frogs. When we got back up to the house my aunt was out side holding a camera. Amanda was to scared to go first so I did. It was not that bad, she made a bigger deal out of it then whatShow MoreRelated The Masque (Mask) of the Red D, William Wilson, Tale of the Ragged Mountains, and House of Ush1583 Words   |  7 Pagesto play an important part in the story - we are given the setting right in the title.   However, a majority of the story actually takes place in an Orientalized locale that has been transposed into the Ragged Mountains.   This alone is a great juxtaposition: the title describes what seems to be a run-down, unappealing landscape, while the real action takes place in fantastical setting.   But why is the landscape so important if the psychological aspect is what Poe is trying to focus on?   Most likelyRead MoreChristopher Columbus the Liar1417 Words   |  6 PagesThe letter Christopher Columbus wrote back to Spain to report his findings in the New World sparked intrigued me and sparked my imagination. Why I have been so absorbed in this letter I can not explain. This letter is supposed to be about describing an unknown land, a land that has not been seen by anyone besides the natives, but it seems that there is more to it than that. Columbus is known in elementary schools as the man who found the New World, and is regarded as a hero. To the contrary, historiansRead MoreWhat Is The World Cup And The Process Of Selecting Teams For A Team?729 Words   |  3 PagesThe text that I read was an article about the World Cup and the process of selecting teams for each group. It explains how there are three hats filled with the names of three nations and each nation will be drawn from those hats at random and placed in eight groups. The first hat consists of the best teams and Russia, since they are the host nation. The article’s focus was primarily on France’s soccer team and their potential group for the World Cup. The article also talked briefly about the ceremonyRead More Christo pher Columbus: The Villain Essay1399 Words   |  6 Pages The letter Christopher Columbus wrote back to Spain to report his findings in the New World sparked intrigued me and sparked my imagination. Why I have been so absorbed in this letter I can not explain. This letter is supposed to be about describing an unknown land, a land that has not been seen by anyone besides the natives, but it seems that there is more to it than that. Columbus is known in elementary schools as the man who found the New World, and is regarded as a hero. To the contrary, historiansRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock1529 Words   |  7 Pagessurroundings. From his descriptions, we can know that he is not satisfied with his life because he thinks life made him dull and bored. In addition, it seems that nothing in the world brings pleasure to the narrator. Nothing brings him positive emotions. It is worth to consider that the setting plays an important role in the poem and contributes to its main theme. As we can see, the action of the poem takes place in the evening, and in the dirty place of the city that is full of smoke as the narratorRead MoreImportance Of Geography Essay773 Words   |  4 PagesKerrigan Moore Why is Geography Important? Mrs. Bezy Geography Honors Period 8 8/14/17 Why is Geography Important? In geography there are five main themes that we learn about: location, place, region, movement, and human and environment interaction. There are various reasons why we study geography. Geography is what we use to locate things around the world. It can tell us where a state is, to where an exact street is. Geography is a very useful resource. The first mainRead MoreCompare Essay Aquainted with the Night and A Road Not Taken1543 Words   |  7 PagesENG-102 27 February 2012 The poems that I have decided to write about are, â€Å"Acquaint With The Night†, and â€Å"A Road Not Taken†, by Robert Frost. Frost was exposed to literature from an early age both of his parents were teachers. He started writing at the age of fifteen; he admired writers such as William Shakespeare, Robert Buras, and William Wordsworth. (Spencer and Chris) I believe that Frost wrote â€Å"Acquaint With The Night† because it was during a time of depression just after the stock marketRead MoreName And Describe The Two Main Elements Of Point Of View Of A Descriptive Essay1463 Words   |  6 PagesDescriptive essay are; physical relation and psychological relation. A real of imagined physical relation to the subject: a writer could be describing the St. Louis arch by talking about how tall it is, when it was built, the color of it and how man windows are up top. A psychological relation to the subject, a relation partly conveyed by pronouns. The writer will use I and you freely to narrow the distance between themselves and the subject and between themselv es and the reader. 8. What are the fiveRead MoreLove and Hate in Jamestown838 Words   |  4 Pagesdemystify the historical legends of John Smith and Pocahontas, and portray both as the reason why the Jamestown colony survived in the New World. Price supports this thesis by describing the people that inhabited the New World with the settlers at Jamestown, describing the leadership skills Smith possessed, and describing his method for saving the colony from disaster. Price wants to portray Smith and Pocahontas in the correct light, and correct the common misconception that the two were romanticallyRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1393 Words   |  6 PagesBy writing this narrative Douglass is able to tell the truth about slavery on what the slaves have experienced and reveal that the truths people believed about slavery are actually lies. Douglass not only uses ethos to build up his credibility by describing his own personal experiences and events that have actually occurred, but he also pathos by making the reader feel certain emotions after reading about his experiences. In addition, his arguments against the justifications people had about slavery

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Cosco Business Model Analysis Free Essays

The ancillary are businesses that is in or next to the warehouse to extend the product and services to make the costumers more satisfied and to shop more frequently 2. Is Cost supplying, manufacturing, or retailing its product? Cost is an intermediate between the manufactures and the retailers, but is still a retailer that sells to the end user. Cost Is a sort of a retailer that buys most of their merchandise directly from manufactures and sells It In warehouses to members who are Involved with some sort of business. We will write a custom essay sample on Cosco Business Model Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Members can be business and Individual with a evidence of business existence). Cost Is also offering services to their embers as gas stations, car washes, one-hour photo centers and so on. 3. Who is the end user of Costs product? Other businesses (EBB) but also individuals with a member card can shop at Cost warehouses for personal use. What does the business need? O Key activities/ capabilities- Cost has a great power to put pressure on the suppliers to lower the price as they buy huge volumes. In that way Cost can sell their products to a lower price o Key resources ; Intellectual property (name, trademark, copyrights , patents, trade dress)adds value and its one of the most important factors in Costs success. Important factor cause of the high competition in the retail business. ; Own warehouse* everything internally o Key partners Services as check printing services, auto and home insurance, online investing do provide benefit for the members, Are generally provided by a third-part and vary by country and state. This service separate Cost from their competitors ; What does Cost offer? Value Proposition- tiny range – Limit specific Items pallets and ranks- simple display – low prices o Performance- custom oriented – additional products, services, and warranty o Many of their consumable products are only offered for sale in case, carton or ultimate-pack quantities = for business o â€Å"Getting the Job done† – Car wash, insurance, check p rinting, food court* services to makes shopping and life easier for the customers, and encourage members to shop more frequently o Design brand/status- Important success factor o Price/ cost reduction Offer lower prices because of the high sales volumes and rapid inventory turnover. That combined with the operation effectiveness by volume purchasing, effective distribution, reduced merchandise (self-service warehouse) creates a lower gross margin and Cost can therefore sell their products for a lower price. Just in time o Risk reduction Cost has a strong brand name and has members who pay to be able to buy there. Combined with a high member satisfaction that generally accepts return of merchandise, and a 90 days return policy, technical support, extended warranty on electronics. Accessibility Online shopping to provide their members a full accessibility with home delivery o Convenience/usability Who are Cost serving and how are they reaching and taking care of them? O Costumer segments Mass market- Segmented- Business and special members o Channels – Costumers can buy it in store or online Dedicated Personal assistance- provided by a third party (customer services) ; Self service- Key factor- self service lower the labor cost ; Automated services- members hip, CRM Communities – magazines, coupons* keep members and attract new How are we financing the business? How to cite Cosco Business Model Analysis, Papers

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Slavery Essay Research Paper 1 Africans were free essay sample

Slavery Essay, Research Paper 1. Africans were kidnapped and taken on board ships to be transported to assorted topographic points. From reading Equianos memoir I gathered that the slaves were terrified. They had neer seen Whites before, nor did they talk the linguistic communication of their capturers, so they had no thought of their fate. Equiano tells us the rough conditions aboard the ship. The slaves were shackled together. Equiano about makes the reader hear the clanking of the ironss and the pant for clean air. The ships were grossly over crowded and the heat of the ship was about intolerable. Many were ill and undoubtedly terrified of what was to go on next. When they arrived to their finish the slaves were auctioned off as if they were cowss. Mothers were separated from their kids, hubbies from their married womans and sisters and brothers were all ripped apart from one another. We will write a custom essay sample on Slavery Essay Research Paper 1 Africans were or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 2. When Equiano is foremost taken aboard the ship he is panicky because he had neer seen white work forces before and believed that he was taken? into a universe of bad spirits. ? That shows how different their civilization and belief system was. He was convinced that the Whites were traveling to eat him. Equiano was unfamiliar with Equus caballuss and? edifices with stories. ? He mentions several times about their long hair, so that must non hold been a normality in his civilization ; as with the Equus caballuss and different edifice constructions. Document # 9 Slave Trade 1. Nelson found many diseases such as variola, but the bulk of the slaves were infected with purulent opthalmia. This disease made their palpebras to swell and bring forth a discharge that they could non even pass over off for the ironss. Due to the many diseases and rough life conditions many of the slaves died during the voyage-and were merely tossed over board when they did. In this memoir Nelson says that 460 slaves left Brazil and 348 survived the passing. In another history 572 Africans were counted and although the exact figure of Africans that were on the ship to get down with was non recorded, he believed that over 700 were on board in the beginning. 2. Nelsons description of the conditions aboard the slave ship was much more rough that Equianos personal memoir. He told of the disease, the loathsome odor, deficit of nutrient, and the despair the slaves showed for H2O. Nelson Tells of the horrid life conditions, the deficiency of infinite and the olfactory properties. His description of the hapless slaves? swatting in corners? and the wretchedness that was amongst them makes the reader about ill it is so graphic. Equiano Tells of the rough life conditions and how terrified he was, but Nelson # 8220 ; showed # 8221 ; the true inhuman treatment of what the people did and set slaves through.

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Healthy Eating essay

Healthy Eating essay Healthy Eating essay Healthy Eating essayAccording to statistics of the World Health Organization, in the modern world, one of the main causes of death is cardiovascular disease, especially in countries with developed economies. Experts believe that the main cause of these diseases is unhealthy eating. And this is only one group of diseases. In fact, up to 90% of diseases are directly related to bad eating. It reduces human life by 2-3 times. And this short life becomes a constant struggle with various illnesses (Kharofa,  2014).Adherents of a healthy lifestyle on their own example have proven that people can live more than 80 years, remaining healthy and active (Archer, 2011). One of the main components of a healthy lifestyle is proper and healthy diet. Generalizing the experience of doctors, nutritionists and people leading a healthy lifestyle, we can identify the basic principles of healthy eating. Based on these principles, each person can choose individual, most useful for his body nutrition and d iet.Healthy eating is eating during which the body is provided with all necessary materials and energy, and not contaminated, so it is not conducive to the emergence and development of disease (Sieben, 2011).Proper healthy eating is a prevention of disease. Someone, who leads a healthy lifestyle and eats right, is not afraid of any weather changes, sickness, or viruses. Such people are always cheerful, active, more durable and resilient, and they live longer. But if you are already sick and you don’t follow the principles of healthy eating, then you should move to a healthy diet not immediately. Gradually stop eating harmful foods (or replace them with healthy foods), and build new, healthy eating habits.Everyone understands that proper nutrition is not only control of the calories and endless diets, but a complete diet, which must contain all the necessary products: meat, cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. People only need to avoid harmful biscuits, chocolates, semis and sugary soda.Several years ago, nutritionists brought a number of regular products that not only strengthen the body, but also help to lose weight. It is known that the body, not receiving all the necessary substances regularly, begins working worse. To avoid this, it is important to choose the right diet and stick to it every day.Often we eat what comes to hand, something we can buy and quickly reheat in the microwave. Sometimes there is no time to identify whether the product is harmful. The main criterions of choice in food are tasty, fast, satisfying, cheap and its not right.Healthy lifestyle is a daily package of measures, which consists of a proper balanced diet, exercising, avoiding harmful habits, positive and balanced view of the world. All this is a way of life and style! Healthy people wanting to lead a healthy life do not necessarily go to a dietitian and buy huge amounts of books on nutrition, which sometimes are confusing and frustrating. In order to feed them selves and their families with healthy and proper food, it is enough to follow a few rules of modern dietetics.The most important rule is that it is necessary to maximize enrich of the meals we eat. It is desirable to increase the use of seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries then your body will not have a vitamin deficiency, which affects people in spring. Also, it is necessary to reduce the amount of animal fats, partially replacing them with vegetable oils. Limit consumption of pure sugar and salt. It is better to substitute confectionery sweets with honey and dried fruit, and salt – with spices.Sticking to a healthy diet is very simple. To do this you need:learn how to cook healthy food;follow a few simple rules of eating;eat only fresh, healthy foods.The main rules of healthy eating I try to follow are:Reduce animal fats.Eating more foods rich in saturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3 (red fish, vegetable oils, nuts).Eat foods that contain fiber (cereals, vegetables, f ruits, dried fruits).Eat freshly prepared dishes.Do not fry in butter and completely eliminate margarine from the diet.Abandon overly salty foods.Instead of milk use consumed milk products (kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk).Meat, fish and poultry must be freshly cooked and only with herbs and vegetables (parsley, celery, fennel, lettuce, green onions, cabbage, etc.).Every day I eat a salad of fresh vegetables or fruit salad (Taylor,  2011).From my own experience I know that in order to follow the rules of a healthy diet, I need to limit eating following foods: sugar, salt, smoked and fried foods, fatty pork, pastry products, canned and preserved foods.Of course, a complete rejection of harmful products requires a huge effort of will. But if a bad mood can become better after a piece of cake do not worry. Stress is much more dangerous for the body than the cake, which will help to deal with it. Try to live without stress, in harmony with yourself it is another important rule t hat shapes our healthy lifestyle.I do not forget to eat (preferably daily) all kinds of cereal. They are the best healthy product to start the morning and eating them is both tasty and useful. Cereals are rich in fiber (which is necessary for proper digestion), minerals and vitamins, which support our nervous system. Under constant stress, porridge is the best sedative! Cereals are long carbohydrates, they provide the body energy and satiety before lunch.Fashion on the right and healthy lifestyle has come to us from Europe, where in the late 60s there have appeared products of the category â€Å"healthy wellness†. Logo â€Å"healthy wellness† mark foods low in salt, sugar, fat. Vegetables and fruits with this sign are grown without the use of chemicals, growth stimulants and genetic engineering techniques.In modern society, a healthy diet plays a very important role in life. Survey of US women has showed that a healthy diet confidently leads the list of values. More than 60% said health is more important then sexual relations. 70% of respondents would easily change child’s good marks for healthy nutrition, 60% would not agree to save money by replacing healthy food with cheaper counterparts. More than 80% said they would prefer a healthy body instead of beautiful wardrobe, and 55% would be willing to abandon the career for the sake of proper nutrition (Stevens,  2011).The role of healthy food in a persons life can not be overstated. Almost all our health problems originate from the inability or unwillingness to organize regular diet. Therefore, a healthy diet every day is one of the key factors in a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy diet combined with regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases and disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Eat right, and results will not keep you waiting!

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Geography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Geography - Essay Example (2) I think that cloropleth maps can be an accurate representation of reality as long as statistical variables are properly classified. However, with regards to the boundary of Mexico and the United States, I think that it is more of a transition area of cultures. In this case, some weaknesses of cloropleth maps include its inability to depict accurately transition areas especially if qualitative variables are being depicted. (3) Latitudes actually measure a certain angular distance north or south from the equator and their lines run horizontally. Meanwhile, longitude measures east-west positions on the earth, and their lines run vertically. (4) A theocratic government is a kind of government wherein the state is actually governed by divine guidance; in this case, theocratic governments are usually ruled or heavily influenced by the clergy, and wherein religious laws are strictly enforced. Islamic countries that have adopted Islam as the official religion, and are governed by Islamic law (Sharia), are usually considered as theocracies; this includes Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan.